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Omega-Skinz Carbon Series
dionero series

The Gods have spoken

It was time for yet another carbon fibre film. The difference from the previous versions is the colour and the pattern. Dionero is darker and the pattern is larger. Where the Elemento series matched perfectly with the real carbon of BMW and Ferrari, among others, Dionero matches the carbon of supercars. Bigger, coarser and perfect for large surfaces.

Omega-Skinz carbon better than other brands?

The unique mounting options are the deciding factor. Dionero is a high-quality cast PVC film and can simply be 3D deformed without unsightly overlaps and incisions. It processes just like ordinary wrapping film. Dionero comes with a hard protective layer that must be removed before applying it.

  •  High gloss with a smooth finish
  •  3D formable
  •  Repositionable solvent adhesive
  •  Micro air channel technology
Dionero Carbon Film