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Wrap Clinic


Omega-Skinz Wrap Clinic

In the world of car wrapping, the foil brands are everywhere.

Since October 2021 another brand has been added. In our opinion, the most special. Why? This European product, developed by SOTT and Grafityp, goes further than other brands because the philosophy behind it is different. At our clinics we will explain it to you and you will experience it yourself.

Admittedly, OMEGA-SKINZ has beautiful colors, it is a molded PVC and it sticks.... So far, no special features. But what makes this series so special? What does OMEGA-SKINZ do differently than other brands? These clinics are designed to give wrappers and installers an impression of what OMEGA-SKINZ wrapping film is and can do.

Feel, try and test

During this day the focus is on the participant and they will get a good impression of what they can do with OMEGA-SKINZ films.

Among other things, the construction of the film and its advantages will be discussed. For example, OMEGA-SKINZ films are multi-molded and have a transparent top layer, which makes the colors deeper and more intense but may also feel thicker. Using some heat, the film is so soft like butter. The applications are enormous: boat wraps, cars and motorcycles...everything is possible. Participants will experience this for themselves during the clinic and will work with large pieces of film. Of course we will also discuss mounting techniques.

No official training, but mounting tips

Participating in this clinic is an excellent introduction to OMEGA-SKINZ films. If you want to become a certified OMEGA-SKINZ wrapper, you must attend the official professional training course. 


what is Omega-Skinz and how is it constructed

Installation on large surfaces
Avoiding air bubbles
Stretching and forming
Tips & tricks
Cutting and finishing

The clinics are organized both at OMEGA-SKINZ dealers and at the OMEGA-SKINZ factory.

 You can find more information below.

Option 1:

Omega-Skinz factory (Grafityp), Belgium.
Check the website for dates.

Clinic duration:
1 day 9:00 - 16:30

Option 2:

At the OMEGA-SKINZ distributor.
Please inquire about dates with your supplier.

Clinic duration:
1 day 9:00 - 16:30