Omega-Skinz has several interesting files that you can download. We will keep adding to this list.

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X-Treme Degreaser Safety Data

X-Treme Degreaser

Safety Data (pdf +/- 300KB)
België, Belgique, Česká_republika, Danmark,
Deutschland, España, France, Hrvatska, Ireland, Italia,
Latvija, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Luxemburg, Nederland,
Österreich, Polska, România, Sverige, United_Kingdom

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Surface Cleaner

Safety Data (pdf 200/300KB)

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Tool catalog

Omega-Skinz Tool Catalog 

The brand new Tool Catalog is now available.

Download (PDF 10,3 MB) English, Dutch, German & French in one catalog.

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Professional Trainings

Omega-Skinz launches three unique professional trainings. Download the brochure here.

Download (PDF 6,6 MB) English
Download (PDF 4,3 MB) Deutsch
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Merchandise Catalog

Our marketing machine is running at full speed. This catalogue for distributors will be constantly updated with new products an available articles.

Download (PDF 4,6 MB) English
Download (PDF 2,1 MB) Deutsch
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Care instructions

Care instructions
for Carwrap Film

Onderhoudsinstructies - Wartungshinweise

Download (PDF 653 KB) ENG + NL + DE
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Digital Colour Chart
for Carwrap Film

For your first impression and to find out which colours are included in the Omega-Skinz film range, a high-quality printed colour chart is available. All the information that you need can be found in this chart. This guide can also be downloaded digitally.

Download (PDF 4,2 MB) English
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for Carwrap Film

Omega-Skinz Product information & Guidelines

Download (PDF 2,88 MB) ENG
Download (PDF 2,88 MB) FR
Download (PDF 2,88 MB) DE
Download (PDF 2,88 MB) ESP
Download (PDF 2,88 MB) CZE
Download (PDF 2,88 MB) NL
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Datasheets Films 

Download all technical information on Omega-Skinz wrap films here. (pdf 200/300KB)
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Datasheets Carwrap Film: 

Datesheets Printables:  
OS-500 White Wonder ENG, FR, DE, NL
OS-501 Pearl of Wisdom ENG, FR, DE, NL
OS-502 Silver Spirit ENG, FR, DE, NL

Datesheets Laminates:
OS-510 Razor Blade ENG, FR, DE, NL
OS-511 Silky Satisfaction ENG, FR, DE, NL
OS-512 Clearcoat ENG, FR, DE, NL
OS-513 Polished Pleasure ENG, FR, DE, NL


for your desktop

- High resolution wallpapers
- Free download from the website

The fact that Omega-Skinz is more than just film is generally known by now. And our unique wallpapers contribute even more to this. Give your powerpoint presentation, laptop or computer a complete Omega-Skinz makeover. You can do so with these wallpapers.

Check m out here


Omega-Skinz Barrel

Some Eye Candy for your work-shop
Download the High-Resolution Printfile
To wrap around your own barrel.
A nice eye-catcher in your wrapshop!

Download (PDF 29,6 MB)
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Large Format Posters

- We help you with perfect promotional material!
- All cars have been wrapped with Omega-Skinz

High quality posters on A0 size with unique photos of all wrapped vehicles on the Omega-Skinz launch pad. New posters are added every month. These posters are ideal for promotion to your customers.

Download (PDF 521 MB)
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A4 Advertisement pages

- Ready to use advertisements
- Made in 300dpi CMYK in PDF format

Omega-Skinz has a special look and feel. And we like to share this look and feel with our distributors. Make use of our pre-formatted A4 advertisements. Just download, add your address data and they are ready for printing.

Download (PDF 22,6 MB)
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